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Zakat Calculator

To calculate your zakat, please fill all of the fields. If the amount is 0, then put 0

Cash on hand and in bank accounts
(saving, checking, etc.)
Refundable deposits
(e.g. on rented apartment)
Non-delinquent loans
(money you loaned to others)
Expected Tax refund
Gold and its certificate
Shares, stocks, bonds, IRA, pension plans, options, etc.
Business cash on hand and in banks plus invoices due.
Business inventory
Net income you are entitled to as of Zakat due date. (For example, your next paycheck that you worked for already)
Total amount subject to Zakat (lines 1 through 9)
Zakat amount :
(If the amount is 0, then no Zakat is due.)


  • Remember this calculator is not a word from God, so don't rely on it and please don't catch us at the day of judgment saying it was Islam4You people who guided you wrong. It is just a rough idea about zakat.

  • These amounts are calculated in terms of Dollars, so you can implement it as for other currencies also where zakat is due.

  • Women jewelry is not subject to Zakat unless its amount is excessive or if not used.

  • Pay business Zakat if inventory value is larger than Nisab.

  • This form does not cover all Zakatable items, for clarification or more information please read our zakat reference here and contact your local Imam or Islamic Center. Also, this form is based on respected Fiqh references.



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