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Nasheeds > Lyrics > Dawud Wharnsby Ali :: Qad Qamatis Salah


Wake up from your sleeping,
Say “Bismillah” as you rise
Wake up from your dreaming
Make wudu’ and rub your eyes
As the darkness turns into the dawn
Pray fajr to Allah
As the moon cracks into daylight
Sing “Hayya `al as-salah”

Allahu ’akbar, Allahu ’ahad
La ilaha illallah, Hayya `al as-salah

The burning sun begins to fall
The second time we pray
We turn our faces and our thoughts
The middle of the day
Food, it keeps our bodies strong,
A blessing from Allah
Ibadah feeds our spirit
Sing “Hayya `al al-falah”

Allahu ’akbar, Allahu ’ahad
La ilaha illallah, Hayya `al al-falah

Some of us, we race with time
We always lose the run
For time is always keeping
With the passing of the sun
But we’ll be straight upon our way
If we bow to pray throughout the day
Taking time for `asr
From our afternoon of play

Allahu ’akbar, Allahu ’ahad
La ilaha illallah, Hayya `al as-salah

As daytime drips away, the setting of the day,
we turn our faces to Allah at Maghrib time we bow to pray.
And when the sky is black, the moon awake so steep,
we pray the Isha for Allah before we go to sleep.

Allahu ’akbar, Allahu ’ahad
La ilaha illallah, Qad Qamatis Salah.


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